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Artwork >> Amiot Bernard >> chief conductor faced

Artwork >> Amiot Bernard >> chief conductor faced

"chief conductor faced"
Amiot Bernard
various materials Wooden cartón cast - 24 Inches x 27 Inches
Year 2019
On the faced , form d'un open book , j'ai made in wooden and cardboard cast , the volume d'un metronome evoking the time . And imagined a partition with some old signs and from beats of measurement .
In the back , you finds a composition stylized musicians with some gestures d'un leader d'orchestre which marks the time .
L'idée which m'est arrival , an observation , qu'au course of older , in music , some rules in force remained the same or almost . C'est a slow evolution without too much upheavals where everyone seems caught in the trap dice l'immuable conditioning of time , of which the chieftain ceremony , the famous metronome , at reigned in master .
— That time as l'on had to , act on n'a-t-il not been an obstacle has the way to s'exprimer as we feel ?
As for the rest , that time cask divided , and still divided , in parts equalled , unequal , alike , then the time streaked and smooth in music contemporary .
The time n'existe over , so j'ai broke the metronome . However , it remains always posted yonder , my little man red and blue , leader d'orchestre , who makes sure out what the musicians follow him blindly . . . !

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