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Artwork >> Wulf-Peter Eberhard Fröhlich Palme >> Fire aries

Artwork >> Wulf-Peter Eberhard Fröhlich Palme >> Fire aries

"Fire aries"
Wulf-Peter Eberhard Fröhlich Palme
Canvas-Kunstdruck on artist frame - 57 Inches x 57 Inches
I am passionate cook and take pictures of mine Dishes , these photos become digital edits , printed on canvas and with one LED Instalation ( Backlight ) oversight .
the buyer gets towards the picture a recipe and will not only that Look at picture
but also a unique taste experience enjoy
( in this Picture acts it to around an Sweet dish )
Cherry compote having Vanilie-Zimt-Chilly-Schaum
my intension to these Pictures is the Confusion of art and cuisine -
one can Look at and taste art
I'm a passionate cook and i photographer my dishes , thesis photos are digitally processed , printed on canvasboard and provided with at LED instalation ( backlight ) .
The buyer gets a recipe for the picture and want not only look at the picture
but so enjoy a unique taste experience
( this picture is has a dessert )
Cherryblossoms compote with vanilla cinnamon chilly foam
my intension to thesis pictures is has the fusion of art and cuisine -
you of can look at and button art

1200 US$

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