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Artwork >> Aldo Carhuancho Herrera >> WARI

Artwork >> Aldo Carhuancho Herrera >> WARI

Aldo Carhuancho Herrera
óleo - 30 Inches x 53 Inches
wari it represents it at fire , in the creation of cosmos understandable , for the uros its a his older deities , a chotnic god , accompanied of strength and the virile power associated with fire and the activity volcanic .
the inca ñusta appeared then as the protective of the fury of god wari and it they currently survive represented on the madonna of the candlemas and it uncle of the mine who on the carnivals of oruro is represented with the dance of diablada .

800 US$

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Beautiful artwork
Really great artwork! Love it! Would like to see more from you!
(Michelle, 21 February 2019)
Very nice!
Just like the idea of your work! This an interesting picture which makes you think more about the message it sends.
(Julia, 17 January 2019)
Work is nice
I like your work. Very nice.
(Ty Engles, 6 November 2015)
Wow Nice!
This is very nice work. I love the detail in it. Great job.
(Krista, 20 October 2015)
So pretty
Such pretty work you have compiled here. Great job!
(Allie Anne, 6 October 2015)
I have to tell you that I believe you are quite talented. Keep up this work and you will go far!
(Adam F., 23 September 2015)
Great job
Great job on this piece. I marvel at the wonderful work that you have created here. Truly blessed that you can do such wonderful work.
(Treveor, 21 September 2015)
Love it
I love this piece. It is very simple and just looks great. Has a wonderful feel to it.
(Abe, 21 September 2015)