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Another new idea of ​​decorative molding for flat glass.

Another new idea of ​​decorative molding for flat glass. Bust Glass
January 8 2019

Hello! I want to share an interesting idea. I do not have the necessary equipment and financial means to use or patenting it. But I think it will be interesting and practically applicable for someone. The essence of the method is in the relief forming of sheet glass in a fusing furnace. That is, to give a relief pattern on the glass, a metal substrate is needed. This can be done using a laser cutting machine in a sheet of metal with a thickness of 4-5 millimeters. After heating, softening and sagging of glass, the pattern of the pattern is printed on a sheet of this glass. The process itself is simple and really executable. Here it is, for example, relief metal pictures - glass should look the same, but be transparent. I think the decorative effect and the scope of this method are quite extensive. This embossed glass can be used as a decorative insert for a stained glass window or glass door. It will look good as a glass showcase for a mono-brand product (for example, Nike or Porsche inscription on the showcase). This glass can decorate the kitchen panel or use it to make furniture. Strange, but now I have not seen this anywhere. I hope this method will interest someone and will be applied in practice.                                                                                                                       Sorry, but I found on the Internet a ready-made example using this method. Once again I apologize. Later, I will tell you how easy it is to make a metal mold with high relief (5-7 cm) with your own hands in the garage. Thanks.

 Another new idea of ​​decorative molding for flat glass.   Another new idea of ​​decorative molding for flat glass.

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