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Artwork >> Charles Carson >> Light d'automne ( SOLD - SOLD. )

Artwork >> Charles Carson >> Light d'automne ( SOLD - SOLD. )

"Light d'automne ( SOLD - SOLD. )"
Charles Carson
Mixt technik : acrilyc . elastics . balloons plastic . paperclips . vitrified varnish - 48 Inches x 48 Inches
Mixed mediums ( essentially compound balloons and d'élastiques )
Account : Acrilyc , Elastics & Balloons , Trombone , vitrified varnish on canvas , mosaic movement
Charles the Carson at creates a afresh genre…
An art plastic in any the senses of the term .
" essentially compound balloons and d’élastiques "
Since l’époque byzantine , the mosaics of all kind have seduced the amateurs d’art . These chess checkers , of ceramics or from glasses n’ont stopped hypnotising us through it centuries . The mosaics contemporary of charles Carson give off the purity of colour . Everything n’y shall qu’émotions , sensations and spontaneity . How the abstract : colours , warmth , and transparency .
Still , seeing the news ares of charles Carson , j’ai been stunned . J’ai had instantly a desire very strong to provoke a reaction , indeed a discussion among you . J’ai done l’exercice to juggle them with words own the visual arts .
Est-ce that news ares of charles Carson represent a series of mosaics in themselves related at l’art contemporary of pointe  ? Well oui  ! Pourquoi  ?
( On the easel in june 2017 , the concept elaborated a premiere times end of nineties 80’ relegated , lack of adequate technical means and certified the 15 september 2017 . ) Charles the Carson is one artist current in tip d’expérimentation and d’innovation and he at creates a afresh genre… an art plastic in any the senses of the term .
The word contempory est-il a definition truly simple  ? YEA , s’il refers has the chronology d’une period dice l’histoire dice l’art and no s’il corresponds to for specific criteria of gender .
What are the qualities from these ares me demanderez-vous  ?
J’ai discovered at l’atelier , first two ares original , outstanding that will pass has the posterity by guaranteeing even more durability dice l’œuvre dice l’artiste . They reveal a highly great sense dice l’esthétisme and of l’harmonie . Carriers d’un errand pure beauty , they s’inscrivent in the modernity dice l’époque and from environmental concerns of our time .
Pieces collectible who will reach peaks them in best global sales catalogs .
This n’est not of yonder sculpture  ! This n’est not of yonder peinture  ! C’est from there structured ! C’est a gender contemporary of splendid tip .
In a entanglement colorful of contents multiple , essentially compound balloons and d’élastiques , l’artiste at reinvent and create works d’art unique capable d’émouvoir , of doing vibrate , enfin… d’étonner . Carson at knew , one time still . . . create from there beauty . Curiosity dice l’artiste born dated no d’hier :
« … An exploration which pushed onward like a birth announced .
It turned served for his artistic approach d’huile , d’acrylique , pastel , charcoal . Both surfaces recovery served has his experiments d’adhérence , of duration .
During these years d’expérimentation d’effets special and d’art contempory , l’artiste born spared none attempt . He dropped puffiness of paint of upper from home and was going quick see the amazing splashes on the curb ! Or it was turn a drill on which he had fixed a coated panel d’acrylique of color , black and of blanc… As for the rest the balloon inflated filled of paint making burst his colour on the canvas . . .
Extracted from there biography of charles Carson , by anne richer , author and journalist has the Urged since 1968 .
Étonnez-moi , ai-je l’habitude to say . And good c’est done . Bravo Charles the Carson  !
caroline bruens , Writer , Expert-conseil in art ,
Co-Fondatrice and ceo dice l’AIBAQ ,

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