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Artwork >> Bust Glass >> Blown glass sculpture " She " ( Creators )

Artwork >> Bust Glass >> Blown glass sculpture

"Blown glass sculpture " She " ( Creators )"
Bust Glass
colored crystal
once i learned about the hypothesis of the existence around our planet of a special storehouse of spiritual energy - the noosphere , where people's souls " take " at birth and where they " fly off " after death . So it is with the vital energy of all life around us . And all this noosphere is located as if layerwise - at the bottom it is insects , fish , animals and only on the very top is a layer of the most finely organized matter - human . Almost every one of us has the right to sometimes be god literally , in a literal sense , to create a new life . And at this very moment the whole result depends only on this pair of people , how high their mutual energy of love will fly up to " grasp " the soul of their future creation in the skies . If this take-off is low , there is a danger of prevalence in it of animal inclinations , the higher , the closer to the human ideal . That is , this very moment should be a paroxysm , a real explosion of the best in man , the highest strain of hard work , ensuring the success of the responsible enterprise . I wanted to show exactly this powerful combined " rise into the noosphere " of the energy of two people - for a new life for a new person . Well , with the color of the glass i wanted to emphasize the strength of the tension of the physical forces below and the purity of hopes and desires of all the best for their fetus - above .

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