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""One whole ""
Bust Glass
Blown glass . sandblasting . paint

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wow, sooo cute <3
(Kim, 17 May 2017)

 The process of making a large glass sculpture - life-size glass statue of a girl (blown glass into m   Hello. I want to start publishing my new project - the process of making a large glass sculpture - a glass statue of a girl of 180 cm high (70.87 inches).

 The new technology is how to make reusable ceramic graphite molds for blown glass sculptures and lar   The new technology is how fast and simple to make ceramic graphite molds for an unlimited number of blown-glass sculptures and large statues.

 Statue from glass or crystal   Making of statues from glass and crystal to order on author's technology with application ceramic moulds

Prices : 150 To 200 Usd