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Oksana Semenchenko / Art by Sana Kiy

Art is a reflection of the artist's life, soul, dreams ... It is a captured moment of the artist's state of mind, collected in every painting, image, in every movement of brushes and paint... Oksana Semenchenko
July 8 2015

     I am an artist and poet residing in
Fort Myers, FL. My paintings are signed by the name Sana Kiy
 Art Prints
Artist important dates coming soon:
December 2017 celebrating 10 years of my experience in  acrylic painting on canvas
January-February 2018 - 8 years Collection of acrylic paintings Soul Inspiration. Collection contain over 140 paintings. The art gallery it's an ongoing art project, that show active painting process, progress, development of strong artist skills through the years, experience, style, idea, purpose of painting, following and accomplishing goals. The collection  is  a   result of artist's passion work,  love to the art and life, loyalty  through the years. The collection shows who is artist today, artist soul and professional skills. "Life is beautiful!..." - an artist words speaks visually from each painting,  as a proof and reason of collection appearance, as a reason to find and see the beauty in everyday life.

 "Art is a reflection of the artist's life, soul, dreams ...
It is a captured moment of the artist's state of mind, collected in every
painting, image, in every movement of brushes and paint...

Every painting created by artist is the most sincere and frank speech of his
soul, his genuine personality, it's a confirmation of his personal uniqueness
and identity.

Art is life, passion and love... From any day or moment of life can
unexpectedly surprise and inspire. Enjoy life and be inspired. Life is truly
Oksana Semenchenko  ART by SANA  KIY Gallery
http://artbysanakiy.fineartstudioonline.com/about  https://oksana-semenchenko.pixels.com/index.html?tab=about

2017 - Celebrating a 10 years in acrylic painting on canvas
2017 - Beginning a  Still Life with Fruits and Flowers  art collection of small acrylic paintings on cotton panels 5 x 7 inches.
2016 - Art project "ART  for Health  and LIFE".  Art gallery THANK  YOU, original acrylic paintings to support Elena's stroke recovery
2015 - 2016 - have been participated in several art  competitions
2014 - Participated in Art Competition ART  TAKES  MIAMI   https://oksanasemenchenko.see.me/atm2014 
2014 - Participated in Art Competition    International artist magazine, USA 
2014 - Participated in  Art Competition SEE ME, New York, USA   
2013 - Participated  in  Art Competition The Artists Magazine 30th Annual Art Competition
2013 - Participated  International Competition contemporary Artists  Step to Success, Russia
2013 - Participated in International Art Competition  Embracing The Differences, Sarasota, FL, USA
2013 - present  Beginning and continue  participation in  Saatchi Art Contests, USA, Los Angeles 
2013 - Participated  in Jerrys Artarama  Art Contest  Self portrait, USA and others.
2013 - Participated in Wine Label Art competition, USA  (www.Artiste.com)
2012 - Participated in International Art Competition SEE  ME, New York, USA
2012 - Participated in International Art Competition Art Take Time Square, New York, USA
2012 - present -   Beginning and continue   the  Digital Art Collection.
2011 - present -  Beginning and continue  the  Inspirations Collection of acrylic paintings.
2011 - Created Soul  Collection of acrylic paintings. 
2009 - Created  Soul Inspirations Collection of art on ceramic and glass (over 30 designs on more than a 80 on ceramic and glass);
2008 - Interest in photography. Learning a Corel Paint pro photo XI  program.
2007 - Beginning of acrylic painting on canvas. Created first acrylic painting "Crimea 2007 "Collection Soul;
2006 - Beginning of  Acrylic painting on ceramic, glass, canvas.

My first interest in art appeared in early childhood, but its serious manifestation, passion and affection begins in a more mature age, which leads to the discovery and disclosure of talent through constant searching self and soul, strengthening skills, self-knowledge and love of art. To understand the origins and artist biography,  professional development, you need to read artist biography, also see the created works from 2006 and especially carefully look through a collection of created paintings from 2010 by now.You will see and feel a passion, love, energy, bright colors of life in each painting..." Life is Beautiful!" - the visual message to you from artist in each painting.The big collection of acrylic paintings Soul Inspirations (Soul and Inspiration) contain over 140 beautiful acrylic paintings with a  10 years  experience in acrylic painting on canvas. You will see a dynamic, development, own artist style and passion in art, love of painting.
     The main collection of acrylic paintings of Soul Inspirations   includes several sub-selections of different directions, themes and goals. Small collections are  reflection of the soul of the artist, his mood in different periods of time. Reflection of his life, his handwriting or unconditional confession of the soul is traced in every stroke of paint, theme, and title of a picture or collection. If initially there is interest, attraction and spiritual pleasure from the picture, then it is possible to understand the actual depth of the created, see, hear and feel what often remains invisible until it is revealed.I propose to read my artist biography  using Bing or Google translator here:   https://artbysanakiy.fineartstudioonline.com/about     and see the most complete of all (other online galleries, artist pages) a collection of acrylic paintings here https://oksana-semenchenko.pixels.com/
I wish you a pleasant viewing, emotional pleasure and interesting knowledge of the artist. If you are here now and continue to interest in the pages of my galleries, it means that the work of the artist probably you already like ... I wish you a happy day and many happy days of joy, so that happiness was infinite...

My art and poetry:


  Dear art collectors and art lovers, you have a wonderful opportunity to have a unique pieces of art added to your collection. I am the creator of a collection of acrylic paintings, that I have been creating with passion and soul . Now I have decided to allow for the sales of my original art. You are invited to visit my gallery to view original acrylic paintings I have been holding onto with all my soul from the moment I created them. Today , I am ready to let it go in your collections, in your home, mind, soul where they find special place and are cared for. Thank you for letting my art become a lovely part of your home and life!
With kind regards to you, Oksana Semenchenko
All of my art and photography are Copyrighted. All Rights Reserved  Oksana Semenchenko 

                                    With kind regards to you, Oksana Semenchenko

       Art and poetry:

      http://oksana-semenchenko.artistwebsites.com/  -   Art and Photography          
      http://artbysanakiy.fineartstudioonline.com/         -  Artist biography and original paintings






 Oksana Semenchenko / Art by Sana Kiy   Art is a reflection of the artist's life, soul, dreams ... It is a captured moment of the artist's state of mind, collected in every painting, image, in every movement of brushes and paint...

Artworks Topics : Abstract - Animals - Birds - Decorative - Floral - Fruits - Horses - Nature - Still Life

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