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Artwork >> Rosy- Line >> Three goblins folichons

Artwork >> Rosy- Line >> Three goblins folichons

"Three goblins folichons"
Rosy- Line
watercolor and pencils of color - 12 Inches x 18 Inches
Not lower than three peas
Here are my Lilliputian woods
Armful of goodies
And candy under the shirt
They go, they come, not hesitant.
The round belly, they said so greedy!
In this appetizing crossroads.
they then linger a moment
the soft bread a little lost
When the wind hazelnuts
plays castanets
Autumn delights
Juggling these and seasonal fruit
Orange and pumpkin
Three goblins folichons
disguised as gargoyle
haunt her pumpkins
while they puff his tattoo
with a light step, floured
They come in the fall.
Bundled hot chestnuts
Apples and slippers
just time for a cake!
Rosyline October 12, 2014

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so sweet))
i like your paintings, so positive and nice <3
(Anastasia, 20 April 2016)
LOL, made me smile
Lol this piece totally made me smile. Thanks!
(Anna D., 18 October 2015)
Gorgeous! Those artworks pleasant and kind like a real fairy tale!

(Shane, 2 September 2014)