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Getting a Flash Gallery

For your own private gallery, enable animated Flash gallery from several templates
Getting a flash gallery instead of the static gallery you have usually is a great step to go. A flash gallery appears more elegant and more interesting for visitors to browse through. The flash gallery is also a premium feature of the professional art galleries. 

If you want to have such feature in your gallery then you do not have to start designing it by yourself or you do not need to be a top notch programmer to be able to implement such feature into your gallery. 
All you need to do is to update your subscription into professional paid subscription then you are able to go and choose the flash design you want. 

1- Log in to your account using your name and password
2- After that, choose “design” tab from the management bar 
3- After that, choose the “portfolio” tab to change the different options regarding your account. 

4- Choose one of the different flash gallery types and then you can enjoy the flash gallery instead of the static one.
3D Gallery example : Cube wide on blackCube hight on blackCube wide on whiteFishEye on white,FishEye on black 
Front3D on blackFront3D on whiteCylinder on whiteCylinder on blackHigh cylinder on white,High cylinder on black 
Wall cylinder on whiteWall cylinder on blackLarge Wall cylinder on whiteLarge Wall cylinder on blackSpiral on white 
Spiral on blackCoverFlow on blackCoverFlow on whiteCoverFlow large on blackCoverFlow large on white

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