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Artwork >> Amy Polling >> MUSE OF PARADISE

Artwork >> Amy Polling >> MUSE OF PARADISE

Amy Polling
acrylique sur toile - 47 Inches x 31 Inches
~Dawn is a friend of Muses \ Aurora Musis Amica Est~
(acrylic on canvas\120x80\2010)
"She walks in Beauty and Serenity…...
and, Nature is her Temple

where Living Pillars,
let escape sometimes confused words…
Humanity traverses it through Forests of Symbols,
that observes with familiar glances.
Like long Echoes that intermingle from a far..
In a dark and profound Unity,
vast like the Night and like the Light,
the Perfumes, the Colours and the sounds respond.
There are Perfumes fresh like the Skin of Infants
Sweet like oboes, Green like Prairies,
and others corrupted, Rich and Triumphant...
That have the Expanse of Infinite Things,
like Ambergris, Musk, Balsam and Incense,
which sing the Ecstasies of the Mind and Senses”….
(Charles Baudelaire)

4500 US$

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Amy Polling

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Artworks Topics : Love - People - Realism
Artworks Media : Acrylic