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Artwork >> Francesco M O Aramu Pittore >> Interview

Artwork >> Francesco M O Aramu Pittore >> Interview

Francesco M O Aramu Pittore
oil brush and spatula - 31 Inches x 28 Inches
The Master Aramu traveled her 'Raqama' with the courage and the will that characterized him, in fact, between 1992 and 1993 he was diagnosed with a degenerative maculopathy
'Despite' (as he liked to repeat), could carry out his plan of Raqama who is also a book with beautiful pictures and poetic visions. Defying disease that begins to influence it, and the strength of its spirituality, back to the supplier of his blue blues, always looking for cleansing of the soul.
the work, which began in 1995, will be completed next year

18000 US$

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vamos juntos encentivar a nossa arte brasileira
ola voçe pintaria as minhas ideias em pintura em cores no tamanho 40x50 pintaria o meu desenho minha arte? favor fazer orçamento 40x50
( Anderson Dos Santos, 3 March 2018)

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