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Artwork >> Terez Dupuis >> So beautiful ...

Artwork >> Terez Dupuis >> So beautiful ...

"So beautiful ..."
Terez Dupuis
mixed media. Acrylic. Terracotta stuck. Gel - 59 Inches x 16 Inches
Almost abstract painting.
Three colors.
The dark night where we come from, symbolizing our great ignorance and fear.
Thick material.
With red vibrations, life and energy.
The green environmental nature.
Characters reduced to their me round like.
But everyone has their story.
Mixture of materials, cement, sand, gel.
Terracotta head. Glued and painted.
This is my favorite in the series of conceptual
The true value of a man is determined by examining to what extent and in what sense he managed to free themselves from me.
A. Einstein

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