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Oddly Enough, Blue Men Escaping A Cat's Mind

New works by Phil Dynan feature the things that go through a cat's mind. Phil Dynan
November 2 2009

Drones over Pakistan and Afghanistan borderI've been writing about and painting the drone destruction and murder in Pakistan and Afghanistan. I get very little feedback, except from one or two "politically aware" artists and collectors. Nonetheless, I have persisted with this theme. Now the United Nations (Finally!) points out that the behaviour of the US is illegal. I happen to think that arbitrary executions, destruction of whole villages and the killing of civilians is a dangerous precendent and horrendous undertaking by the most powerful nation on Earth. And I think killing people by remote control is also just plain chicken shit, as well as blind stupidity.
So my work goes on.

The people of Pakistan apparently agree - and gave Hillary Clinton a lesson in humility today, calling the drone kilings and destruction "terrorist acts"....by "terrorists" (they are referring to the US)...so there you are!

But what about the counterpoint to doing this kind of work? Yeah, I need a break sometimes. Thinking about the US of Destruction gets a little weary. Hey - just look around you! I'll bet 99% of the people you know don't want to talk about, or even think about what this country is doing to people around the globe. Right?!

We have many cats at our art studio and I started - just for a breath of fresh air - thinking about what goes on in their minds. And I started painting what I imagine goes through their image banks....dogs, angry dogs, fish, pretty fish, people, and blobby stuff that makes no sense to me.

Blue men escaping from a cat's mind

My friend and critic says to me "This is a bit too childish for me. But I like the colours." "Childish" is just the right word for this stuff....I have accomplished what I set out to do...LIBERATE MY MIND for a moment. Find that place inside where I can just forget about the killing and destruction being done in my name and HANG LOOSE. "Childish" is the highest compliment I could have asked for....

Today I added a new element though, the blue men that inhabit many of my larger paintings. I think what I am doing is diving deeper. The blue men appear to be credited to the cats' minds now. Did I really get those ideas from my cats?

Phil Dynan

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