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Artwork >> Redha Chikh Bled >> SHINTO

Artwork >> Redha Chikh Bled >> SHINTO

Redha Chikh Bled
painting on canvas - 31 Inches x 24 Inches
Tribute to grand master morishiba out and my professor Louali which m'a taught Art as martial karate and Shinto ( The lane katana sword ) Disciplined which m’a allowed to expand l’amour dice l’Art pictural , around the spirituality and wisdom . L'œuvre represents the master in position Za zen and the mountain Fuji-Yama symbol of the strength quiet des arts martial

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My congratulations.
Hello Mr Redha. I appreciated much your paintings which I find splendid. In particular Tuaregs. My congratulations. Cordially Lydia
(Lydia, 19 December 2005)

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