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Artwork >> Alberto Thirion >> the sky Blue Tejamen

Artwork >> Alberto Thirion >> the sky Blue Tejamen

"the sky Blue Tejamen"
Alberto Thirion
wax . oil . varnish dammar . pigments - 35 Inches x 23 Inches
Special vocation of artist
But if the distinction it's fundamental , not it is less connection between these two provisions , the moral and the artistic . These he condition so deeply reciprocal . In effect , it at to model a play the artist he express to whether same to the spot of what their production is a reflex singular of her same be , what that the is and of as it . This is confirmed in the story of humanity , well the artist , when you a masterpiece , not alone gives life to its doing , but by she , on certain mode , discovers also their own personality . In art find a dimension new and an extraordinary channel expression for his spiritual growth . By the works performed , the artist speaks and be communicates with the others . The story of craft , thus , is not only history of ones works , but also of the men . Original art work they speak his authors , introduced at the knowledge of their privacy and reveal the original tax what are you offering to the story of the culture . CHARTER OF SAINT FATHER JOHN PAUL II To THE ARTISTS 1999

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Those eyes!!!!
Wow those eyes. They are simply gorgeous!
(Angelica, 2 March 2016)
I love this
I love this. Such a good job you have done on it.
(Ella Jamison, 20 February 2016)

Artworks Media : Drawing - Dye - Huile - Huile - Oil On Fabric - Painting On Paper - Wax