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Artwork >> Susanne Andersen >> Duh!

Artwork >> Susanne Andersen >> Duh!

Susanne Andersen
Altered copy of Dutch masters
This model supposedly was a prostitute one of the Dutch masters had sit for him. This was a rather common practice and probably more comfortable work (and better pay) than most of the poor girls had to endure. This one fascinated me
she is so full of raw strength, not very clever, not very pretty, not very refined, but she has survival written all over her.

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hi there
Love your work. Keep it up! Beautiful and sensual. hugs
(sus, 22 October 2007)
hilo your art is strange do you often ride the bull what kind art is this be. i would be intrested in bull to riding wuold be neat hobbie.
(ludik sloslavica, 18 May 2006)
Hi There
lets check this out
(susanne, 16 May 2006)