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Reflexion on an experiment of painter

Joy and the difficulty in creating... Daniel Péron
July 5 2005

Symbolism? Fantastic? surrealism? Onirism? I cannot line up in a category in "ism" because I paint what I can paint and what I have desire for painting. So some see surrealism there, the fantastic one or onirism, it is well... I do not have either preconceived topics but when it sometimes happens to me to look at behind, I distinguish indeed from the leitmotivs: life and dead, spiritual life and hope, the individual and multitude, the search of the values, the light-spirit and matter, etc...

It indeed sometimes happened to me to feel at certain observers a reserve in front of two aspects of my painting: the tonality sinks of the colors and the tortured expression of certain scenes. "It is not merry!" they say, as if art had first of all merry and carefree being,how these alleviating fabrics filled of poppies which one finds certain in room of hospital! (and that I extremely appreciated on the occasion). No form of art is to be neglected, which is essential is to avoid the diktat of a particular kind...It seems to me on the contrary that certain of my fabrics, if they comprise undoubtedly zones of shade, our world is it only light?, open inevitably on a luminous space which symbolizes the hope, a world more radiant than that which is ours.

The majority of the fabrics adopt also a vertical orientation which still reinforces this aspiration upwards. I often also heard the word mysticism impresses of a religious connotation: it seems to to me initially that we cannot sweep of a reverse of hand 20 centuries of History, even religious, and I specify then that the aspiration to the top, the light, are more one aspiration to rise oneself, an interior light, an introspection, a spiritual rise disencumbered of any religious implication. Religion comes from religere which means to connect, that is to say to connect what is human and material with what exceeds us. One enters here the sphere of crowned to the direction first of the term located apart from any established religion. If to test a feeling interfered with fear and plenitude in front of the spangled infinite of a summer sky is called a religious feeling, then I am a religious being, connected to the world, this world which I try imperfectly to evoke in my painting...


There remains the question of the technique... At the hour when the tendency is rather to deny the technique with the profit of an expression released from very forced technical and cultural, I often had doubts. Not for me even because painting that I chose (but isn't rather it which chose me?) require a minimun of technique and know-how. The question arises in a more general way: can one create without technique? If is artistically to pose a spot on a white zone, the decorated whole of a long doctoral and justifying speech, certainly yes one can create without technique.

I think however that the easy facility that certain contemporary fabrics offer which "speak to us" some is the technique used (art rough, minimalist, conceptual, lyric abstraction, etc...) can be only the result of a long work of purification, of sweetening...The technique is well there but it disappears behind the creative act. And it is only when the artist masters it perfectly that he can free himself from it slowly and voluntarily. Wasn't Picasso a marvellous draughtsman? And what to say of Matisse?

In addition, I know pertinently that my painting forms part of a rather narrow crenel which has of course its impassioned. But those do not form part of general public that I respect, avid landscapes, marines or pastoral scenes nor of this fringe avant-gardist turned towards the abstract or the conceptual one which nevertheless constitutes the official art of our time. The gallery has to be very specialized in this kind of painting. I must confess also a small defect: I am very lazy with regard to my promotion. I prefer painting... Thank you with those which will recognize in these hasty remarks a share of their concerns...

 Reflexion on an experiment of painter   Joy and the difficulty in creating...

Artworks Styles : Surealism - Symbolism
Artworks Topics : Imaginary - Surealism - Symbolism
Artworks Media : Fabrics - Oil

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