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Artwork >> Sergio Milani >> Acrobat 2017-48 " Bill "

Artwork >> Sergio Milani >> Acrobat 2017-48

"Acrobat 2017-48 " Bill ""
Sergio Milani
watercolor and buffer with leaf d'oro - 7 Inches x 8 Inches
sergio milani artist - Acrobat 017-48 " Bill " -ideato , built and painted in italy -dimensioni behind 7 , 8 x 8 , 2 x 3 , 5 .
The ponies of line " ACROBAT " am l'interpretazione of child on his toy
the puppet and articulated , arms legs and head can be revolve to make him assume various positions of balance in the swing .
L'opera and realized in wooden prepared for painting with bottom white to specific . The bascule balancement are in fine wood by sight .
The theme decoratively caters to this line is , " GEOMETRIC COMPOSITION FLORAL " , the motif ornamental integrates entire composition .
The technical color and performed with watercolors and buffer variously diluted . As from tradition mane and tail they are finished with leaf d'oro 22Kt .
The name of babydoll " Bill " remains tied to the number of catalog and not will be never repeated . L'opera , numbered , cataloged and accompanied from a certificate of authenticity with photos dell'opera and signing autograph dell'artista .
Understanding validity and l'originalità dell'idea : ( toys d'arte wooden painted with subject " the horse " ) . That way my collection " whim " and certainly a novelty in field artistic , it is always in continuous evolution for how they are three-dimensionally designed the ponies , for the always different support in fine wood , l'inusuale executive technique in watercolor and buffer on table , for the countless variety of themes decorative , for the describe over every work two scenes on self theme , one for side , to l'uso of leaf d'oro which makes even brighter l'effetto chromatic , they all refined features that make it important a little one work d'arte .
I am proud to have entered it in a new vein artistic where a simple toy of wood , valued by precious woods and realized with care and manual of high artistic craftsmanship , it is then elevated at work artistic by one refined expression grafico-cromatica with leaf finishes d'oro22kt .
I also want to make it clear that mine operas they are dedicated yes to collector , to beautify , to render important lively is bright l'angolo of a livingroom , but also to educate and gradually to bring closer all'arte the child from the tender age , for he is more understandable a framework or a sculpture transformed in a true toy , an object including why in the its size , to be understood not dedicated purely all'uso dynamic but rather educational , let understand which is important to surround yourself with objects that for them the nature are projected over time , that their presence makes serenity , joy and pride to be in possession of it .

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