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Artwork >> Anna Zygmunt Pietrek >> PATIENCE 2013 cm. 80 x 60

Artwork >> Anna Zygmunt Pietrek >> PATIENCE 2013 cm. 80 x 60

"PATIENCE 2013 cm. 80 x 60"
Anna Zygmunt Pietrek
oil in canvas `anno` 2013 - 31 Inches x 24 Inches
Which artwork in everything Becomes mutation and thrill. Evoking the image of the girl with a perfect body, her face nuanced from the warm, muted colors, Its limpid smile enraptured That captures the eye of the beholder. The painting is rich expressiveness. Expressed expressiveness That is not only through the image of the girl but Also through the force of the color That the artist propels us with a unique sensitivity and simplicity and with evidence from Which leaves emerge admiration for this live in the light .... the blend colors on the canvas with elegance between lights and shadow ... it s possible to see the deep sense of reflection between the two ...
The painting It s dominated by the colors-light blue, pink, violet, beige and purple. The artwork is signed by the artist in front and it s made with the use of media in the first choice.

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Artworks Media : Oilpainting - Painting In