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Artwork >> Călin Bogătean >> Deisis

Artwork >> Călin Bogătean >> Deisis

Călin Bogătean
tempera on wood - 34 Inches x 43 Inches
Jesus Christ is central estepersonajul wearing red hiton over which is covered with blue-green Imation decorated with embroidery in gold thread, He blesses with his right hand and the left taking the gospel. It is painted on a background of gold is placed in a chest and the fund is heavily embroidered with floral ornate old technique achieved by successive pensulaţie. Right to left are Mary and John the Baptist, who points to Jesus as the "son of God". Saints are sitting on their flanks on the icon to "Son of Man Saviour"

2000 US$

Print 5 US$

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Artworks Styles : Byzantin - Figurative - Realism - Traditional
Artworks Topics : Portrait - Portraits - Realism - Religious - Rural
Artworks Media : Oil On Canvas - Painting - Wood