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Artwork >> Neetu Vishwakarma >> REFLECTIONS

Artwork >> Neetu Vishwakarma >> REFLECTIONS

Neetu Vishwakarma
Enamel Oil on canvas - 37 Inches x 38 Inches
I lay a blank piece of canvas on the floor. At this point I know what colours I am using and the basic structure of what I want to produce. I can see very clearly what the finished article will look like. Right down to the sizes of the strokes, depth of colour, how many layers it will be composed of, how I’m going to thin the paints and in what order I will start. I spend a long time mixing colours and even longer on the thinning process, using a number of different thinning agents and in different ratios of paint to thinners. This affects how the painting will look when it dries.
Paints are normally oil based and enamel based glosses although I do use a number of different blacks in my paintings (including high gloss, semi-gloss and matt). There is something so final and cohesive about the use of black. I have been told that I shouldn’t need to use black but I strongly disagree. Using this contrast against every other colour offers a tremendously intense finality to my paintings and is quite often the last colour I introduce. I normally stick to five or six colours, two of which will always compliment each other plus a white and black. A living, active and expressive creation of a collection of moments. Don’t place hidden meanings behind what you see, just let the painting wash over you.

1000 US$

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Artworks Topics : Composition - India - Nature - Seascape - Still Life
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