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Artwork >> Jean Chazy >> Path to pallets

Artwork >> Jean Chazy >> Path to pallets

"Path to pallets"
Jean Chazy
Wooden metal - 276 Inches x 177 Inches
There s'agit d'un working in l'espace public . work on the intention and l'équilibre out from d'éléments industrial . Grand bouquet composite d'éléments pallet of which the destination is the transport commodity . The support becomes the matter even from l'oeuvre . The concept path that cotoie d'architecture . The work born can be perceived into a single position . The moving is necessary to discover the diferent viewpoints on l'oeuvre resulting in the necessity of the report time physical and space .
Work done by 1990 , for shooting of movie " Street of MONTREUIL " jean francois neplaz , production gaelle Seen .

30 US$

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