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Artwork >> Kanoa Aikala-Nelson >> The Birth of a King

Artwork >> Kanoa Aikala-Nelson >> The Birth of a King

"The Birth of a King"
Kanoa Aikala-Nelson
Carved Block Print - 9 Inches x 12 Inches
The image shows the Birth of Kamehameha the great being born as Koko iki or halley's comet flies over head to indicate the uniter of the kingdom has been born. Kamehameha suffered the seperation from his mother as the King of his reigon sent out assasins to kill all first born males, the king hoping to prevent prophesy of his success and rise to the throne. Kamehameha was raised in seclusion to be mentored by his hanai uncle and aunty. You can see the image of Ku-ka-ili-moku who becomes Kamehameha's inheireted God of War and politics.

Print 20 US$

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Artworks Styles : Image
Artworks Topics : Tribal
Artworks Media : Print
Sizes : 10 Inches Max