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Artwork >> Kanoa Aikala-Nelson >> Ho'o Mana Mana

Artwork >> Kanoa Aikala-Nelson >> Ho'o Mana Mana

"Ho'o Mana Mana"
Kanoa Aikala-Nelson
Carved Block Print - 9 Inches x 12 Inches
Ho'o=to cause, an action. Mana= life force, mental, emotional power, mind power, power of character, holding a presence of action.
To ho'omanamana is to empower an authority over your mind, to put a leader into to position with discipline and respect. This picture displays a man and his God. The man is humbling himself to recieve from his Authority in Po\Lani (heavens unseen domain).
For my Hale Pule it would represent Makua Lani or the Heavenly father, for my brothers &sisters of traditional hawaiian practice it would represent Kane the source of the waters of life, the source of light, and the source of the breath of life. Yet they are both the same person to me, I see no difference only on a cultural level, yet not on the absolute level.

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Artworks Styles : Image
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