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Artwork >> Kanoa Aikala-Nelson >> Mo'o

Artwork >> Kanoa Aikala-Nelson >> Mo'o

Kanoa Aikala-Nelson
Carved Block Print - 9 Inches x 12 Inches
The mo'o was known as a Hawaiian Dragon which could grow up to 35 feet in length. The mo'o were worshiped for their protective aspects , some mo'o were known to be evil as in the battles hi'iaka had with a mo'o king. The most recent mo'o story I know of was on Moloka'i told to my parents, two construction workers were found at a site on the east end. One was dead and the other was white with shock and dying, He told police that a large Lizard had attacked them. The village people had worned against developing there for the fact that it was a sacred site protected by the mo'o, yet they thought the tales to be only myth and tried to develop any ways. Now I'm sure they believe the villagers folk tales of myth.

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Artworks Styles : Image
Artworks Topics : Tribal
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