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Artwork >> Kanoa Aikala-Nelson >> Maui fishing up Hawai'i

Artwork >> Kanoa Aikala-Nelson >> Maui fishing up Hawai'i

"Maui fishing up Hawai'i"
Kanoa Aikala-Nelson
Carved Block Print - 9 Inches x 12 Inches
Maui was known for many magical feats, yet one of his greatest was fishing up Hawai'i. On day Maui went fishing with his brothers, with him he took a magical fish hook from his grandmother called Manai a Kalani or needle to sew the heavens and earth. He threw his hook in and caught what he thought to be a great fish, he told his brothers to paddle and not to look back at the hook. As they paddled finaly the brothers curiousity got them and they tunred back, to their surprise Maui was raising the Island chain we now call Hawai'i. If they had not looked the Chain would have risen into a continent.

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Artworks Styles : Image
Artworks Topics : Tribal
Artworks Media : Print
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