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Artwork >> Iqbal Hussain >> portrait of baba shaheb

Artwork >> Iqbal Hussain >> portrait of baba shaheb

"portrait of baba shaheb"
Iqbal Hussain
oil on canvas - 30 Inches x 24 Inches
If you want to save your memorable moment in painting form which after day by day will be precious than photograph. I can convert your favorite photograph into a unique painting for your family and friends. It takes 2- weeks to complete oil portrait, family group scene and any your choice of subject .
I can be commissioned to do a painting of your family, your home or your favorite scene. Your photo will be returned to you when the painting is finished.
After completion of painting its show to you online so that you might look the quality
of work and any changes well be required as your choice , will be changed, before you receive the painting.
If you like it, it will be shipped either regular or express mail.
To discuss any questions are invited that you have please contact me:
E-mail - iqbalbundi@yahoo.co.in

200 US$

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wow work
(Pankaj Sisodiya, 30 August 2009)
Excellent Art ByHUssain Iqbal (Spl.Indian Girl)
Hey Hussain, Your Paintings are a colourfull massage for happy World. spl.Wait for LOVER, Inddian Girl, Farmer etc.
(A.S.Kamal, 23 October 2006)

Artworks Styles : Nature - Photorealism - Portrait - Realism - Traditional