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Artwork >> Yefim Shestik >> Chess against the war

Artwork >> Yefim Shestik >> Chess against the war

"Chess against the war"
Yefim Shestik
performance - 118 Inches x 276 Inches
At the year 1985, I was participating in collective Art exhibitions, which took place at the town Beer-Sheba in the gallery " Turkish station ."There I have exposed one of my most my significant artworks,during this period,It is Performance 3-D dimensions art work. In which,an audience , takes part in my art work ,stepping on my artwork,and leaving their traces .
This Artwork, named "Chess against War " based on Shakespeare's statement " All World -is a stage, all people - players ".
Artwork has been created in different art techniques and medium,
I have drawn on a nylon floor(49 square meters) false three angle perspective.
Black and white chess cells which come to end to an opposite black wall at the beginning the white Silhouette's feet.
Silhouette cares the wounded in the head soldier,expressing the pity.
On the left corner two chess armies (ceramics about 60 cm tall)
At black colour chess armies are standing in a black area facing each other, are ready to start the war.
At the right corner,there are broken chess pieces expressing the result of war. .,

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This is stunning work. I love all of your work. You are so talented
(Shyla, 23 November 2015)

 The title of the exhibition is named "Light''.   The 22 artist exposed their artwork in gallery Mitham le Amanim in Tel-Aviv

 Participation in fine art exhibitions.   Starting from year 1980 I am participating at different Art exhibitions in Israel.

  My art Philosophy. .   The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance". (Aristotle)

 My art skills and art works.   Like you have notice, I work in many styles and technique and mediums.,but my most art works are bronze sculptures .

 My art styles   In creating my art, I have no preferences to any of art styles,because they are just means to make my art alive.