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Artwork >> Charles Carson >> Hatching navy ( SOLD. - SOLD )

Artwork >> Charles Carson >> Hatching navy ( SOLD. - SOLD )

"Hatching navy ( SOLD. - SOLD )"
Charles Carson
Carsonism acrilyc out of cavnas - 20 Inches x 16 Inches
« The painting of charles Carson themselves split into two approaches of both separate and further . L’une d’elles out even was baptized by some critics and historians dice l’art dice « carsonism » . This approach n’est not easy at describe , but of in general one can talk d’une order infinite slightly oblique keys on the surface boost maximally the perception from there matter and topic , the all s’animant on linen in transparencies subtle everything to made sensational , giving an impression deep has the color . You would say an endless stream of particles – but enough wide – that sweep material with a fascinating regularity , indeed baffling . The second approach , Carson called the quite simply « mosaic » . Like his name l’indique , the latter suggested fragmentation from there form and from there area characterizes the mosaics . In a case in l’autre , there s’agit for the creator dynamize the surface for him give an state other which in s’anime a universe suggestive mightily metaphorical . »

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