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Artwork >> Alias Torlonio >> FAKE-VIRUS

Artwork >> Alias Torlonio >> FAKE-VIRUS

Alias Torlonio
oil on wood - 20 Inches x 28 Inches
smart technology , he “ internet of cosas” , next to 5G , are weapons of crowd control . In addition to being extremely harmful to health , with the frequency 5G they can literally manipulate your behavior and moods , alter your perception of things and override your immune system . The radio frequencies of the 5G are responsible for an increased risk of cancer , cellular stress , brain tumors , waterfalls , skin and endocrine problems , learning and memorization problems , heart damage , in dna and in the reproductive system
in addition to causing neurological disorders , prevent cells in your body from receiving oxygen , causing the symptoms they attribute , i do not know if out of ignorance or pure evil the false virus . 5G it's a military weapon , not a faster internet connection . Humanity is facing a megalithic technological dystopia . this is a battle against humanity and its freedom . our freedom . your freedom .
art lovers , the day i uploaded the palimpsest painting ( FAKEVIRUS ) , they closed this art gallery for a day ¿Esto does not make you think ? Then , how it looked , they backed off and left the gallery alone . This makes this painting , when it goes on sale , ok 1 € plus . You are warned . On the other hand i want to tell you not to get vaccinated for anything in the world , and take good care of your children of all the harmful products of BIG-FARMA . vaccines and the military weapon 5G , they are related like a tap and a pipe are . This is a depopulation strategy ( eugenic ) long-term . Today those who have been vaccinated for “ INFLUENZA” or other similar shit , the day after tomorrow those who get vaccinated today will fall . We are facing a political scenario where the veils of concealment no longer hold . Human trafficking and government pedophilia are now no secret . Resist everything , this is dynastic war ( one more ) against humanity . They panic for us to join , but this is inevitable , they have caused it . Let's stay together and think about what world you would like to live in and where are you now .

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(tim tammi, 1 March 2020)
Nice work!
Wow! Like the style, you do your work! You are a talented person!
(Dannie, 23 October 2019)

Artworks Styles : Image - Robbery
Artworks Topics : Portrait - Wildlife
Artworks Media : Pigments