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Artwork >> Théophile Delaine >> harmony

Artwork >> Théophile Delaine >> harmony

Théophile Delaine
canvas oil - 79 Inches x 39 Inches
When you start at to use your brushes them greater purposes , qu’à each time thy meet the canvas you know out what thou have do , one point yellow clear here , a key purple yonder , to brighten turquoise within that nook , round , harden , contrast , strengthen , nuance , render flou…
And i me say that i must also be demanding that if i painted a painting hyperreal . That and everything must flow source , like when you attended to one play , that everything appears natural and improvised time when everything to been planned and worked at l’avance .
And this peinting , saturated pigment of which you think sometimes that the light straight out of the tube . What gladly !
And i rethinks at that as j’ai seen , at that as j’ai lived , i'm thinking back at these prints , at my latest experiments , has everything this feeling , the walks , the breaks as to meetings . At l’odeur spicy leaves berry pinks at l’étang by woods red in this morning showery . You born saw not here mountain to this day yonder , house heard somewhere in a grove on l’autre shore the voice confused few walkers . And i rethinks under the sun who was coming down on l’océan while that me m’évertuais at climb this mountain , the eyes more often shores them on shades light chestnuts from there dust stairs rocky qu’aux green tender and yellowish cliffs vegetable which s’estompaient them in after glow of the day . And birds who accompanied of their perched silhouettes above emptiness that gorgeous ballet where danced the clouds a flower of skin . I'm thinking back also the river and thickets qu’il needed defy to reach this pretty small waterfall . I think to those who have stepped on this island for the initial times . I think to its story . Not that qu’on found in books where the newspapers for meet with l’imaginaire sedentary , but that that bed in the folds from there rock , into the vertigo cascades , the sinuosities classes d’eau , the shapes round rollers and l’expression blackish from there lava contrasting with the bright red and orange blowouts , into his vegetation and his dominance green of which the dark sometimes overwhelm us of weights d’un time born its our no , what has could to be one of them and this in which shall , them in footpaths endless and sometimes indeterminate , l’histoire d’une isle , his spirit !
As out and measure that l’image takes shape , i feel good , to ever increasing serene . There n’y no of disorder within that world , everything is bound , everyone is a spot of color in this enormous table motion , it needs just find your way there the more handsome . And i understand so d’où comes the word « harmonics » . Like ! It will your name !
Diptych made in 2017 .
Sent rolled in a barrel secured where one crate ( according the destination )
International delivery
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3600 US$

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Artworks Topics : Abstact - Abstract - Contemporary
Artworks Media : Abstact - Canvas Oil - Oil On Canvas