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Artwork >> Mairim Perez >> The Rainbow the accompanies

Artwork >> Mairim Perez >> The Rainbow the  accompanies

"The Rainbow the accompanies"
Mairim Perez
acrilic toile - 30 Inches x 22 Inches
Technique : Acrilico sobre web
Size : 76 x 56 cm
Year : 2019
Comment : The painting describes a scene of three horses . One orange red in the foreground , the other blue green in second flat and it third most little in carmelite . Its a composition which tour around these horses that accompanies them the rainbow , giving us moment this elvish where everything it is light , colour and invites us to contemplate it why gives us that sensation of stillness , peace and harmony . The floor he composes by a grassland formed by herbs with a large variety of tones of greens . In the background the leaves of the made trees to spots on tones blues , green and yellows , where is the foliage , the air and rays from sun .

800 US$

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Artworks Media : Acrilic - Acrylic - Canvas Acrylic