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Artwork >> Mirit Ben-Nun >> Artist modern bold relief acrylic on wood from israel

Artwork >> Mirit Ben-Nun >> Artist modern bold relief acrylic on wood from israel

"Artist modern bold relief acrylic on wood from israel"
Mirit Ben-Nun
Acrylic on timber
mirit ben nun : " Short breath "
Him " short breath " is not just a sign of weakness physics . It's metaphor of a been mental , a huge desire , an insatiable desire , increases and boosts , until arriving you be an unbearable congestion , without a instant of respite .
But for other side , the guy of work done by mirit ben nun requires encouragement long and a lot patience : Is treated of a sisyphus work , score points and lines , filling in every empty millimeter with a stain color glossy . Effectively , we're before a paradox , or a contradiction logistics . A work slow , patient and active , arising from an urgent need and imperious to cover and fill , cover and decorate . The work handcrafted of cover that makes mirit ben nun receives the status from an ceremony ritual affair and continued .
Is a cult what digests on its bowels any object - useful or discarded , available and routine or rare for and out what common - which you pays and be lend it at act of coverage . mirit ben nun collects waste of street – cylinders textile cardboard , splints or pieces of wooden , dishes , boards , etc . - and them will creates a context new , a syntax own of the which one it is the only liable . The new conjunction - a kind to sculptural construction – raisin a fusion process by means of act of paint .
In fact , Mirit takes a his objects three-dimensional like they were a cloth to paint pictures that has an continuity uniform , even if has potholes , uphill and downhill . These objects are for her a invitation to paint , to spread colors , to move a tangled tissue of models abstract what , frequently , he come as moving around in the contours from an figure human , and other times - dont . In these cases , only the monotonous act persists to travel the models , centimeter to centimeter , until his coverage absolute , up to short and fleeting instant of respite . Before to a new beginning .
Along with the recollection of materials of waste its and recycling upon " sculptures painted " , Mirit presents us with a surprising encounter between his objects illustrated and the sculpture africanwoman common , objects handmade or classified items down the culture formal as " primitives " .
These conjunction accentuates the difference between the what to do singles from mirit and the play collective , expressed in forms of cultural clichés . To figure sculptural carved in wood creates a time of silent peace in medium of dense and busy bustle , a how that converges on itself , no reverberations neither repetitions . This is a meeting between elements which they have not relation , what testimony that art from mirit Ben-Nun not can qualify in the category of " craft from outsiders " . Mirit Ben-Nun it constitutes a school from an alone woman , to the which one it turns pressing and imperative to perform the act artistic which she same it has chosen . Therefore , creates no one " way " , as sculptures of wooden carved , if not an " density emotional " non stop neither respite , whose values main are the colour , the moving , the beauty and the density . What not missing , and it not be diluted , and it not be wanting of interest or boring nor for an instant .
tali tamir
August 2010

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You have many outstanding and original works of art. Love it.
(Karina Garno, 1 November 2019)

Sizes : 10 - 15 Inches