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Artwork >> Mairim Perez >> The venus of ones butterflies

Artwork >> Mairim Perez >> The venus of ones butterflies

"The venus of ones butterflies"
Mairim Perez
acrilic toile - 22 Inches x 30 Inches
Technique : Acrilico sobre Web
Size : 75 x 55 cm
Year : 2018
Comment : Girl red haired with body and hair adorned by butterflies and dragonflies . She has the beauty of his nudity and youth , given by the colours cakes her skin , with the mixture of the colours roses , oranges and whites . Its a very paint seductress , given by the lines curves of his body and the undulations of her hair . It is also present the wind , giving him movement to their hair and to the stud curtain blues it this in the background . She you these observing and he forces you to accompany her always .

800 US$

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Artworks Media : Acrilic - Acrylic - Canvas Acrylic