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Artwork >> Aldo Carhuancho Herrera >> Maniva

Artwork >> Aldo Carhuancho Herrera >> Maniva

Aldo Carhuancho Herrera
óleo - 32 Inches x 53 Inches
the legend of origin for the cassava , Peanut it was the grandniece of a old Chieftain Tupi of amazon , her daughter i remain pregnant virgin and was predicted which the baby bring the happiness to the hamlet , but the two years died and according its traditions the tomb was always irrigated , with the time of that grave grew a majestic ground of big roots , since that event they discovered which the plant it was a source of food , important to all the communities of amazon , that plant was known as maniva , currently it you known with the name of cassava , and be it you concidera a real symbol of the merriment and abundance

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Very nice!
Just like the idea of your work! This an interesting picture which makes you think more about the message it sends.
(Julia, 17 January 2019)
Work is nice
I like your work. Very nice.
(Ty Engles, 6 November 2015)
Wow Nice!
This is very nice work. I love the detail in it. Great job.
(Krista, 20 October 2015)
So pretty
Such pretty work you have compiled here. Great job!
(Allie Anne, 6 October 2015)
I have to tell you that I believe you are quite talented. Keep up this work and you will go far!
(Adam F., 23 September 2015)
Great job
Great job on this piece. I marvel at the wonderful work that you have created here. Truly blessed that you can do such wonderful work.
(Treveor, 21 September 2015)
Love it
I love this piece. It is very simple and just looks great. Has a wonderful feel to it.
(Abe, 21 September 2015)