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Artwork >> Martina Krupickova >> Stvoridla V

Artwork >> Martina Krupickova >> Stvoridla V

"Stvoridla V"
Martina Krupickova
oil on canvas - 16 Inches x 16 Inches
From the collection inspired by the beautiful Czech landscape around the river Sazava, near by my hometown. Stvoridla is the name of the small part of it.
Since that first painting in 1999, I believe I’ve developed my own style. The light is the most important part of the painting. It can give the right sparkle or completely destroy it. I try to capture the right balance of light and shadow to add depth. My pictures draw on personal experiences that are a reflection of the visible. Using only palette knife.
Unframed, Stretched on wooden bar. Ready to hang up.

800 US$

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No 22
No 22 is one of my all time favorites. I love it.
(Even, 29 February 2016)
Great work. You have to be really proud of yourself.
(Cadence, 9 December 2015)
Great share
Great share. I love the duck in the water.
(Paul, 4 December 2015)
This is gorgeous work. Reminds me of a home that I would want to live in.
(Angela, 20 November 2015)
This reminds me of my mom and dad as they rode on a double decker bus on their honeymoon. Makes me think of that and how happy they were in the images that I have seen:)
(Austina, 2 October 2015)

Artworks Topics : Architecture - Beach - Cities - Countryside - Landscape - Nature - Urban
Artworks Media : Oil - Oil On Canvas