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Artwork >> Bust Glass >> Vague memories

Artwork >> Bust Glass >> Vague memories

"Vague memories"
Bust Glass
blown glass . pieces of broken glass
With this artwork , I wanted to show my admiration for the beauty of the human face . I think this is the main proof of the divine image and likeness of man . Perhaps visually only the face of a person is able to evoke in us the whole range of the most powerful emotions - pity , contempt , fear , love and even pain . As a puppy who whines in confusion at the sound of music , we are able to clearly feel the real pain from the unspeakable beauty of the human face . Probably , we all somehow remember this vague but unbearably beautiful face of our creator , who on the day of your birth took you out of the darkness of death into the shine of our life . Probably , this beauty is the main reference point , the main stimulus for all of us . No wonder then , what feats and what evil deeds for the sake of this beauty people in life are ready to do . This takes you prisoner , makes you his slaves , deprives you of intelligence and let incredible power . Everyone probably has this marker - for example - sophie marceau , audrey hepburn , amy winehouse or just a girl next door .
In this my art work , I wanted to show my understanding of such imperious beauty .
so here i used the most beautiful , I think , sculptural material - colored glass . This is done by blowing hot pink glass into a ceramic graphite mold using my author's technology . Then this finished glass sculpture is treated with chemical satin . Boa , which is on the shoulders of the sculpture , is made of pieces of broken glass , glued together with a translucent plastic . This is also done using my author's technology of glass mosaic without the presence of a sculptural basis .

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