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Artwork >> Asm Ambia 1978 >> Pigeons Dream 2

Artwork >> Asm Ambia 1978 >> Pigeons Dream 2

"Pigeons Dream 2"
Asm Ambia 1978
Abstract - 59 Inches x 39 Inches
It's a nice colorful very cool #Abstract painting in the style of Semi realistic #Landscape.Here I have illustrated all the #village's  #natural and #cultural elements of #Bangladesh. In this artwork's theme I tried to expose the life of a village and their peace are symbolized by #pigeons.Size 100\150 cm on huge canvas. It's a #Oil #painting.

1050 US$

Print 30 US$

Poster 45 US$

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Just thought I'd drop ya line so you believe we have actually visited your site hun :-) good stuff :p
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