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Artwork >> Jürgen Grafe >> "Hommage at ELVIS PRESLEY "

Artwork >> Jürgen Grafe >>

""Hommage at ELVIS PRESLEY ""
Jürgen Grafe
Off the Series " Tribute to Artistic personalities " a unique from the Artist's atelier by jürgengrafe .
a council of h ODAY is a value for mor GENE
jürgen grafe is a native of dresden Artist and studied into the 60iger Years the " University for visual artists Arts " in dresden ( Peinting , Grafic , Plastic ) . He lives since its Expatriation 1986 into frankfurt at the Main river and now into Oberursel\Ts .
jürgen grafe is one Man, who Ity .
With his public Musik-und Mal-Performances on xxl screens is he an absolutely unmistakable Artists the Extra class . see homepage under ww . grafe-original-fine-art . com and ww . juergen grafe . de and juergengrafe . wix . com\grafe
Having the Assuredness a drowning man adjures he like a shaman with brush and paint a feeling of free-floating and detached one . As encounters one as a viewer perhaps confusing , abstrakt-figürlichen Pictures and discovered on second view an extraordinary one , breathtaking Coherence of tints in an unexpected Musicality .

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