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Artwork >> John Mccormick >> " Low Tide " Rockey Neck, Gloucester

Artwork >> John Mccormick >>

"" Low Tide " Rockey Neck, Gloucester"
John Mccormick
Painting - 20 Inches x 16 Inches
A live aboard lobster boat. Docked a the beginning of Rockey Neck, Gloucester at low tide.
After the tide came in the boat was relocated to a moring in Gloucester harbor for a quiet night live aboard.

1100 US$

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Stellar work
Stellar work. I love what you have done with the piece.
(Cad, 9 March 2016)
One of my favorites
This is one of my favorite paintings. Love the concept of it with the colors. Great.
(Hyde, 11 November 2015)
This is some unique work. I am impressed with it.
(Brenda, 10 November 2015)

Artworks Styles : Impressionism
Artworks Media : Painting