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Artwork >> Martina Krupickova >> The train - Posázavský pacifik, sold

Artwork >> Martina Krupickova >> The train - Posázavský pacifik, sold

"The train - Posázavský pacifik, sold"
Martina Krupickova
oil on canvas - 24 Inches x 24 Inches
Picture is characterized by strong colour and bold strokes on a black background playing with light and shadow. A palette knife is used in the creation of these paintings. Since that first painting in 1999, I believe I’ve developed my own style. The light is the most important part of the painting. It can give the right sparkle or completely destroy it. I try to capture the right balance of light and shadow to add depth. My pictures draw on personal experiences that are a reflection of the visible. This one is about little classic train which come from my home town. It was just moment when I turn round on my winter walk and it came. Had to capture it.

1990 US$

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No 22
No 22 is one of my all time favorites. I love it.
(Even, 29 February 2016)
Great work. You have to be really proud of yourself.
(Cadence, 9 December 2015)
Great share
Great share. I love the duck in the water.
(Paul, 4 December 2015)
This is gorgeous work. Reminds me of a home that I would want to live in.
(Angela, 20 November 2015)
This reminds me of my mom and dad as they rode on a double decker bus on their honeymoon. Makes me think of that and how happy they were in the images that I have seen:)
(Austina, 2 October 2015)

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