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Artwork >> Charles Carson >> Nosegay the thousand joys ( VENDU-SOLD )

Artwork >> Charles Carson >> Nosegay the thousand joys ( VENDU-SOLD )

"Nosegay the thousand joys ( VENDU-SOLD )"
Charles Carson
acralic on canvas - 16 Inches x 16 Inches
Charles the Carson , grand master by Beaux-Arts
Workart Original - " Nosegay the thousand joys "
Formats 16 x 16 in - Acralic on canvas
Mosaic movement
arabella magazine , Canada , USA .
a brilliant jewel »
debra usher
« L’artiste canadian Charles the Carson is recognized on the art scene international like the father owing « Carsonism » – a term designating its singular creations deep , full color and vivacity . It has the past 35 last years paint paintings in breathtaking , imagery that give think about it , powered by one passion for the regions tropical dice l’Amérique latin , there where he lived near the 10 years and has many travel . Its unique pictorial language makes his work popular at collect . His new challenge for the three next years – the creation mural and of major pieces of museum them for markets l’Europe and the east . »
« Almost from the early , he was heard that Charles the Carson would be a success … . »
« …Ses brush strokes on linen s’apparentent has the soaring notes found them in best alto saxophone solos . Peut-on dare to tell david sanborn and john Coltrane are in the same breath Charles the Carson ? L’histoire will decide , but in his time Carson gives vibrating tip for the mystery incomparable and unique from the life – that reflects in his works . »
« … Charles the Carson at adopted his own fad d’expression with the lust d’un master , but he possessed also nerve d’un adventurer and l’intelligence d’un historian … »
« …Aujourd’hui , Carson has acquired a reconnaissance at and international recognition by many historians and experts arts for its unique style « Carsonism » .
« …Il is all simply impossible d’ignorer an artist who has discovered news values dice l’art , so that challenges in question both trends , genre or styles that dominate the market dice l’art traditional contempory d’aujourd’hui . Charles the Carson has the ability d’imaginer , interpret and transpose his vision one of world around of him forcefully and subtlety .
« He is considered by the critical like l’un larger contemporary artists this century , mr. carson having the seizure speech pictorial spoken ahead by mondrian , Riopelle , jackson pollock , sam francis and wassily kandinsky , l’artiste at managed to take the lead – Because the creation and setting at day of its movement everything to unique and original fact , interpreted d’une such a way theatrical and magisterial , qu’aucun from these great master or genies dice l’art time bygone , n’avais knew conceived or even thinks jusqu’à present . »
« These legendary figures have fine extraordinary feats , but nothing n’a creates d’une if so unique in , so personal style , qu’il born pouvait-être defined by a ism . Carson , by his uniqueness unequaled , a new movement is born . The « Carsonism » .

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