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Artwork >> Engelina Zandstra >> Composition 4425

Artwork >> Engelina Zandstra >> Composition 4425

"Composition 4425"
Engelina Zandstra
acrylic on canvas - 39 Inches x 31 Inches
I consider my works like music, they don't need words for explanation.
The forms and colors composing it are the language of understanding.
Each one tells its own tale, that can be different for each person looking at them.

1400 US$

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 Description of my work   Opening speech at one of my exhibitions

 Landscapes of the mind   Biography and style : I move toward an art of thought, that takes reality only as a starting point , never as the ultimate goal

Artworks Topics : Abstract - Figurative Imaginative - Figures - People
Artworks Media : Abstract - Acrylic - Canvas