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Artwork >> Delaby Anne >> Shrouds series dice 7 sculptures . . . Exile

Artwork >> Delaby Anne >> Shrouds series dice 7 sculptures . . . Exile

"Shrouds series dice 7 sculptures . . . Exile"
Delaby Anne
mixed media - 20 Inches x 20 Inches
Lyric d’accompagnement for shrouds – 2016
… loneliness
… yoke
… ruin ( s )
… drifting
… exile .
Shrouds is a series of seven sculptures in tissue intelligent and materials misc , dimensions 50 x 50 x 30 cm . Exposure to the gallery The Métamorph’OZes in valaire ( 41 ) jusqu’en november 2016 .
Tissues intelligent at memory of form are ordinarily used in l’industrie , l’aéronautique , l’agriculture … and are ecological . They are fabricated by to diatex company with a label : ( DIATEX s'engage on the quality humano-écologique of its products with the certification Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 . ) . They are considered here up like materials arts .
Each sculpture comprises a or more characters and is staged in a environment , at mi-chemin between the sculpture and l’installation . Each d’elles is one little world from there desolation and from there destruction .
These works explore the evils dice l’humanité : drama migrants , refugees discarded on routes , loneliness , wars , slavery , poverty … All the characters and main elements from there staged are wrapped d’un white veil , translation of the shroud . They are constructed hollow , picture vacuum and covered bandages , evocation to injuries . L’ensemble is treated black and white and incorporates the symbolic from these two colors , this which creates rhythmical , contrast and reflection on the human condition . The black and the white give of over an impression d’irréalité , d’onirisme compared to unfortunately the real issues . The basics environments are plates dice faux-plafond relief then reworked in . One from these sculptures ( …rue ) integrated photography d’une of my tearing paintings ( mixed media on canvas ) but diverted displays wall exit the street Art as .
Otherwise , the viewer has to reconstruct the headlines that présentent underwater the form of three dots and d’un word , it has and the opportunity to find a word , an expression that could complete as such as his sensitivity , references and of s’interroger …
At length , seven sculptures are playing on l’antagonisme between black and white , full and blank , opacity and transparency , genuine and ghostly while remaining unified by on format , materials such as contemplation disaster .
Available upon request . anne-delaby . com

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Very cool work. I am impressed with you.
(Kyler, 23 January 2016)
Can you please let me know where you have found your inspiration from this?
(Susan, 30 October 2015)
I think that this piece of art is very nice. I love how it looks.
(Charlie and Addy, 13 October 2015)

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