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Artwork >> Nathacha >> CORONIS FRONT VIEW

Artwork >> Nathacha >> CORONIS FRONT VIEW

MIXED MEDIA - 31 Inches x 10 Inches
inspired by greek mythology tea Were hyades tea nurses of zeus at dodona . After- tea birth of dionysus , they the carried tea young to god you mount nysa and set _him_ in ina . Then zeus transported to heaven to protect 'em from tea wrath of hera . Today they square decametre gave their old stars at great leverage , as they thought essay sisters presided over tea rain . Their appearance in tea sky heralded tea arrival of tea rainy season . Indeed , tea their constellation in position heliacal November , marked tea beginning of tea rainy season in greece , the therefore , they were called expired " rainy " Ambrosia , Cleya , Coronis , Dione , Eudore , Ésylé , Polyxo , Phaeo , Phésyle .
they square decametre made from linen and --other biodegradable materials to be as close to nature the , with old methods to meet my ethics have to pollute little as feasible your environment with dangerous materials , and stay closer to colors that make me vibrate . Mostly recycled materials and natural color pigments .

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