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Artwork >> John Quinn >> Stone Vase with Dallasite

Artwork >> John Quinn >> Stone Vase with Dallasite

"Stone Vase with Dallasite"
John Quinn
Stone Masonry with Mosaic
This vase was hand made from natural slate type stone quarried on Canada's West coast.
It is 10 inches tall and weighs around 8 lbs. making it a very sturdy little vase that is very difficult to tip over. Perfect for a houseboat.
The stones I used in the mosaic on the front of the vase are pieces of Dallasite. Dallasite is a Breccia rock that is mainly found in British Columbia and derived it's name from Dallas Road Beach in the capital Victoria.

135 US$

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I love this stone vase
I love this stone vase. How long did it take you to complete?
(Albert, 30 December 2015)
Stone Vase
This is a great piece of work. Excellent.
(Tyler, 9 December 2015)

 Training in Artist's Innovative Process Offered   For the last nineeen years I have been working mainly in stone and have developed some innovative ways of treating this most natural of materials.

Artworks Styles : Functional Art - Mosaic
Artworks Topics : Desktop - Flowers - Nature - Vase
Artworks Media : Hand Crafted - Masonry Art - Mosaic - Stone
Sizes : 10 Inches Max