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Artwork >> Celine Bron >> PATURAGE

Artwork >> Celine Bron >> PATURAGE

Celine Bron
painting acrylic - 32 Inches x 24 Inches

450 US$

Poster 45 US$

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I like it
I like this work very much. You have done great on it.
(Carol, 10 November 2015)
Excellent color choices
I just wanted to leave a note and say that you use excellent color choices. Good job.
(Ruth, 2 November 2015)
Great painting
Wow. This is such a great painting. I feel like you have done extraordinary work.
(Eva, 28 October 2015)
I love this work. I just wanted stop and say hello and let you know that your work is fantastic.
(Mr. Abel, 24 October 2015)
I am very intrigued by this. Can you please tell me more about this painting?
(Mary Jo Ellen, 2 October 2015)

Celine Bron

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Fine art by Celine Bron Oeuvres de Celine Bron Celine Bron Celine Bron Celine Bron Celine Bron Celine Bron Celine Bron Celine Bron

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Artworks Media : Abstract - Acralic On Canvas - Acryl - Coal