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Artwork >> Terral Hélène >> Decadence nocture

Artwork >> Terral Hélène >> Decadence nocture

"Decadence nocture"
Terral Hélène
fresco/mosaïque - 59 Inches x 30 Inches
For this work, I let myself immersed in the night environment Funicular, over the cliff, in the city of Tréport in Normandy.
The funicular is a Tréport inclined elevators line that connects the slums Tréport the top of the cliff. I chose the atmosphere of this place, because I find particularly fascinating cetendroit
It takes a spectacular dimension night.
To get there, it is enough to immerse my body in the glass booth. The elevator begins its steep descent. I feel the slightest disturbance, the least shock.
I feel the floor of the cabin shaking under my feet.
But very soon, I feel protected me, by the warmth of the stone tunnel. Regular and repetitive lines of the brick wrap me in a bubble.
Then, at the exit of the underground, I m amazed by the nightlife scene that awaits me. This visual maze is punctuated with warm toned light.
And behind me, throne cliffs. They are above all, they dominate me. They seem to play my insignificance by their colossal size and sprawling area. I ready their only my eyes, the space of the wound, then it s already time to go.

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Terral Hélène

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