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Artwork >> Orna Ben-Shoshan >> Team in Transit

Artwork >> Orna Ben-Shoshan >> Team in Transit

"Team in Transit"
Orna Ben-Shoshan
oil painting - 35 Inches x 35 Inches
A group of souls travel in infinite space. The figures clasped together with love, support and mutual devotion.
We incarnate into the world as individuals in groups of souls that share a karmic connections.
When we reach the physical dimension, we join with our team members who play important roles in our physical lives. We share pre-written contracts, intended to bring about interactions, circumstances and events that support our spiritual journey.
Even if we quarrel with a kindred soul in our earthly life and feel rejection and hostility, even if this kindred soul will challenge us throughout the years, when we return to the spiritual dimension - all resentment and rivalry would disappear.
In eternal reality, where the body and the ego are non-existent, we understand that the “antagonist” soul merely played its role in our lives faithfully and successfully.
Something to think about, especially when we feel that a certain person in our lives annoys us consistently and push our sensitive "buttons" ...

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